Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mallika Sherawat beats time and age this time. Her age is getting reduced year by year. Today Mallika Sherawat celebrated her 26th birthday. Well that is not a surprise at all. All Celebrities celebrate their birthdays. What made Mallika Sherawat’s Birthday special is this time she beat time and age. According to sources Mallika Sherawat was an employee of Indian Airlines (During 95). Then Mallika Sherawat got married to a Delhi based army captain (it lead to a divorce)

Mallika Sherawat

The minimum Age for joining Indian Airlines is 18. Star plus had also aired a program in India regarding this…it seems that she was 23 or something in 1994 when she was a flight stewart with Air India. If that is the case this year Mallika Sherawat must be around 30 or 30+. But surprisingly she celebrated her 26th Birthday this year. Isn’t it a miracles attempt to beat time and age. Now Mallika Sherawat has become a wonder now

Ms.jpgThe hot glamorous queen Mallika has grabbed the attention of the audience with her acting and is now debuting with Kamal Hasan in the movie Dasavatharam. This ravishing beauty is playing the 2nd female lead, as Asin is the first lead in the movie. A recent buzz is that, this hottest lady is paid twice the amount demanded to the heroine.

Asin will take care of the acting department whereas the hot sexy Mallika will take care of glamour department in the movie Dasavatharam. It’s not new for the universal hero to rock along with his pairs, and in this season it is time for Mallika to perform a sizzling acting on the big screens. The movie is expected to be the hot, hotter and hottest film in the trade. This movie is directed by K.S. Ravi Kumar and it is produced by Oscar Ravichandran. Mallika will be playing a former CIA agent in the movie Dasavatharam.

Mallika BollywoodMallika Sherawat the big bombshell of Bollywood has the biggest challenge in front of her. Howard Stern the king of sex in USA compared her with Pamela Anderson and challenged her to “show it all” in Howard Stern TV show. Mallika recently chickened out in front of Mahesh Bhatt’s “Murder“. But this one she might go for. It may involve millions of dollars in modeling contract and who knows a door opener for Bollywood.

The history of Mallika Sherawat in this regard is not pleasant however! If Mahesh Bhatt had his way in his forthcoming film Murder, everyone would have seen a nude Mallika Sherawat. “Yes, there was such a scene which Bhatt wanted. But I refused to shoot it. He had offered to use a body double and shoot me swimming in such a way that it would look as if I was totally naked in the pool. He said he’d take a top angle shot,” says Sherawat.

Bhatt agrees that “it was a completely nude scene. But it was just her jump into the pool that was to be projected as nude,” Bhatt explains,

So how come the 17-kiss Mallika backed out? “I thought I am a modern girl. But when the moment actually came, I developed cold feet,” she adds.

Bhatt adds, “My only grouse is why did she agree in the first place? She remains a small town girl with an Indian heart! Why pretend to be someone else?” Murder, also starring Ashmit Patel and Emraan Hashmi, is the story of a neglected wife who indulges in an extra-marital affair. Hot newcomer Mallika Sherawat says while she likes handsome and robust guys, she also confesses to “have a thing” for older men.Speaking about the men of her choice Mallika says she has some unexplainable desire for men older than her age. A news report recently quoted her as saying that she has a crush on none other than Dharmendra .In fact, Mallika is working with Dharamendra in a film titled Kis Kiski Kismat.The lissome belle said that the veteran actor flirts with her (in jocular spirit) on the shooting and she finds it “simply irresistible.”

Dharam ji is still so dashing and good-looking he is even at 71. I don’t see anyone today who has half his charisma,” Mallika was quoted to have said. Mallika also has no inhibitions in accepting a soft spot for filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt for “his intellectual sensibilities and his wisdom.”

Other men Mallika desires are Hollywood stars Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro.It appears that the younger men interested in Mallika should put their energy elsewhere rather than chase this ‘open minded’ bombshell.

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